Peak Training Inc

Here is what it's all about......

Here is the no B.S version of what I can do for you.

I was an FSM for the last 20 years and one of the major insurance companies here in Canada said I had the highest numbers for profitability.


That being said the process I use today is maybe 20% similar to what I did in the Business office five years ago. At that time I did my last few months at over $4800 per unit before starting this company and  I accomplished this maintaining the highest level of customer service.


Which brings me to today.


I have travelled this country for five years seeking out the highest performers in all categories of Business Office products. I have learned from them what makes them successful and I have amalgamated all of their best practises into the process I offer to you all now.


It is proactive. It is selling to people by not selling. Selling is a horrible way of explaining what we do. We educate and when that informed customer understands why they need our products, then they want them and we help them through this process.


It is never us against the customer, it is we against the lender. The customer is always put first. It is this level of service that allows the common bonds and rapport building to take place quickly.


You are provided with scripts and point of sale material. You are always saying/demonstrating the best processes presently. You are always aiming for the highest profit you can get, while never taking advantage of or misleading a customer.


You are not there to change peoples opinions about things they understand and do not want, you are there to make sure you never lose what could have been sold and that makes all the difference.


If I fail to raise your profits by less than 1000% of what I charged you to train your store, I will refund your money and admit defeat. It's been over 140 stores and I haven't failed yet.

Straight up information