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A dose of reality.....

Your supplier is NOT the best place to learn how to sell their products......

I trained a lady who has done the Business Office job for nine years. For those nine years she had a monthly visit from her Insurance Company Rep and for those nine years she has failed in the profitability area of her responsibilities. Her average was $850 per vehicle in new.


I trained this lady and when I was done her rep happened by the next day. He told her to not follow my process for selling chemicals because HE couldn't comprehend the pricing system I used. It confused him. So after he left she second guessed the whole program. I told the DP to keep him away from her.


Fast forward one month, I'm in the dealer principals office and he says to me and I quote "Are you (censored) kidding me?" They were now up 25% in warranty penetration, up 20% in insurance sales and up 30% in chemical sales....and they were breaking $2500 a copy in new for the first time ever.


That was two months ago....her numbers are better now...


Do you really think that the advice they gave her had the dealers best interest in mind? The rep was more concerned about being "shown up" after nine years of minimal gains instead of being excited at the gains the dealer had seen.


Your team is way past the learning curve of a rep when it comes to selling. Oh sure you need them for product knowledge, but that isn't least not the way they do it.


Most reps think that they are the "be all and end all" when it comes to pitching an item....It's not true, no matter what the corporate manual they go by tells them...and you!


The last ten deals I've desked I have done $67,300 gross


I'm not a comedian, I am not a motivator. When it comes to teaching your team how to make profit, I am the BEST there is at this, because I've taken the time to learn from the best!


My training is done in a way your team will love and in a way that your customers will love!


I guarantee it.



          Who is better at selling a vehicle, your team or the rep from the manufacturer?