Peak Training Inc

Imagine for a moment your Parts Manager giving his monthly report and he stops to tell you the reason why his sales are down is because he sees too many people coming in with cash to buy from him. Ludicrous yes?


Now when your insurance rep comes in to discuss last months profitability promise me something. If they say the reason why numbers are down is because you do too many cash deals. Kick that person out of your office and don't let them back in. They are trying to brainwash you, there is actually a very good chance they already have and by this point you think I'm the one who is wrong, but please keep an open mind. I get that you want to have as much insurance sold as possible on deals where people finance with you.


My problem comes from the fact that you can make $3,000 profit on a cash customer. If your numbers suck due to the amount of profit you make on cash deals, then please ask yourself why you trust your insurance company to do your training when they are the ones who are supposed to be teaching your team how to sell to that cash customer in the first place!


But they don't, what they do is that convince everyone that the cash customer is the nemesis of the Business Manager. They have everyone so convinced that BM's even get pissy with sales people for selling a cash deal?


Nobody says anything to doubt that mindset except me?


Bottom line is if you fail to convert that customer to a finance customer, you have lost credibility and the customer no longer will buy any other products....for cash.


Conversions fail 90% of the time and so do your people selling to cash what a coincidence.


You can kiss that advice right out the window and your entire team will appreciate it....well except for your insurance rep?

I am going to make this as easy to understand as I can.....


Cash deal conversions.......